Each year, the Center for Creative Solutions, Inc.® sponsors two public events: World Creativity and Innovation Week and the Fall Forum.


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World Creativity and Innovation Week

What is World Creativity and Innovation Week?

World Creativity and Innovation Week in mid-April is a celebration of our ability to get new ideas, use imagination and make new decisions to make the world a better place and to make your place in the world better too.  Imagine the world united through its creativity and innovation. Where everyone takes a moment, a day, or the week to generate new ideas to create a brighter future wherever they are.  Do what you can, do what you like. There’s only one rule: do no harm.

What is the history of World Creativity and Innovation Week?

What began in Toronto in 2001 as a celebration of the creativity in all of us has now mushroomed.  By 2002, people in businesses, homes, organizations, schools and communities (106 at last count) in over 46 countries spend this week to enliven, encourage, enjoy and express their creative spirit.  The Center for Creative Solutions, Inc.®, regional sponsor, joins community partners throughout Northwest Indiana. 

Image credit: Brock Davis

Image credit: Brock Davis

Why does World Creativity and Innovation Week start on or around April 15th?

World Creativity and Innovation Week marks the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci of the 15th Century.  Da Vinci was a renown painter, inventor, mathematician, philosopher, conservationist, engineer and visionary.  He experimented, looked at things in different ways, and applied what he learned in one discipline to another.  Even though da Vinci was born over 500 years ago, people still marvel at his work and study his creative strategies.

What is the purpose of celebrating Creativity and Innovation Week in our area?

We want to encourage everyone to be aware of and use their own creativity in their homes, schools and jobs.  Our economic viability depends on our ability to tap our individual and collective creativity.

2017 World Creativity and Innovation Week Photos

Fall Innovation Forum

Captured Moments by Bj

Captured Moments by Bj

What is the Fall Innovation Forum?

This gathering of entrepreneurs and innovators to explore the many different aspects of creativity and innovation.  Speakers from all types of businesses and organizations share their wisdom, practical experiences and the latest research about innovation.

Topics have included: building a innovative culture; creativity in our professional and business lives; learning from “failure;” the creative problem style preferences of workers; challenging the status quo; paying attention to trends; traits of the innovative person; practical tools and attitudes to enhance innovation; applying innovation to strategic planning, planned giving for non-profit organizations, civility in the workplace, boards of directors’ responsibilities and liabilities, to name a few.

What is the purpose of the Fall Innovation Forum?

The forum advances the Center for Creative Solution’s mission: “to help individuals, professionals, businesses, organizations and communities discover creative solutions to their challenges.”  Core values underlying the forum, along with all work of the Center, are:

  • The creativity that all people have.

  • The ability of everyone to learn how to enhance his/her creativity.

  • The right of every human being to express his/her creativity.