* All of the presentations below can be customized for your group (large groups can be accommodated)



Thinking about your Bucket list. How many things do you still need to complete? Let us help you create a plant to check off more items on your list. Are you stuck and need some help coming up with more ideas? Let us use our creative tools to inspire you to reach further than you thought possible!

board of directors responsibility

Your Board of Directors will get a clear picture of their legal duties, the different roles of board and staff, along with an understanding of what is necessary to protect the organization and self. This is a two (2) hour presentation. 

planned giving

You can expect to learn the how, what, and why of planned giving and how to begin or re-energize a planned giving program. This is a two (2) hour presentation.





What is your problem solving process and that of others in your organization? This program focuses on strengths and weaknesses of each thinking style, how to collaborate more effectively, and innovate with more deliberation.



Research strongly links happiness, health, and creativity. These impact our personal, professional, and workplace relationships and effectiveness. This program explores the research and provides practical, easy tools to attain more happiness, enjoy better health and find solutions to problems. The result is more effectiveness and productivity in the workplace.










Civility in the Workplace

Your group will gain a difinitive understanding of cilivility and incivility, the economic and social impact of incivility in a business or organization and a clear path to civility attainment. This is a four (4) hour presentation. 

removing your innovation roadblocks

This program is designed to give you tips, tools, and techniques to get your creative juices flowing. Attendees learn to nurture their own creativity and ignite innovation in others - skills that are critical in sustaining a competitive edge in today's business and social environment. This is a three (3) hour presentation.