What is World Creativity and Innovation Week?

World Creativity and Innovation Week, officially from April 15 - 21 (and throughout April), is a celebration of our ability to imagine and to make new decisions, creating a better life. Envision a world united through its creativity and innovation. Do what you can, do what you like. There’s only one rule: do no harm.


What is the history of World Creativity and Innovation Week?

 What began in Toronto in 2001 as a celebration of the creativity in all of us is now flourishing.By 2002, people in businesses, homes, organizations, schools and communities (106 at last count) in over 46 countries spend this week to enliven, encourage, enjoy and express their creative spirit. For over ten years, the Center has joined community partners throughout Northwest Indiana.  

World Creativity and Innovation Week, includes regional and county-wide events. In 2018, the United Nations designated each April 21st as United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day. County and local officials recognize the week as “World Creativity and Innovation Week” in our communities.


Why does World Creativity & Innovation Week start on April 15th?

World Creativity and Innovation Week marks the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci was a renowned painter, inventor, mathematician, philosopher, conservationist, engineer and visionary. He experimented, looked at things in different ways, and applied what he learned in one discipline to another. Even though da Vinci was born over 500 years ago, people still marvel at his work and study his creative strategies.


Here are some things you can do:

 We encourage EVERYONE to be aware of and use their own creativity in their homes, schools and jobs. Our community’s economic viability and health depend on our ability to tap into our individual and collective creativity. 

 We want YOU to join us for this time of fun and learning as a community partner, participant, exhibitor, planning committee member or sponsor.  Contact us today to see how you can

Student Award for Innovation

The Center for Creative Solutions will award area students and their organizations for innovative projects or products in mid-April. The winners will receive community recognition and a monetary prize. Students of any age are welcome to enter.

Anyone, including students, may submit an application. The project/product may be in any area, such as in technology, the arts, etc.

Student application can be completed below or clicking on the button below.

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